Hanpin Group Welcome to Hanpin Group, we are a leader in the field of engineering machinery, committed to providing our customers with outstanding quality and service. Subsidiary Introduction: PHCCHP (Cabin Production Company): PHCCHP focuses on the design and manufacturing of engineering machinery cabins. We pursue the perfect combination of comfort, safety, and advanced technology, providing drivers with excellent working experience. SCIIDA (Air Conditioning Production Company): SCIIDA is dedicated to producing efficient and energy-saving air conditioning systems. Our products are widely used in various types of engineering machinery, providing users with a comfortable and stable working environment. HUMMUH (Excavator Assembly Company): HUMMUH is a leader in the field of excavator assembly production. We have advanced production technology and an excellent research and development team, dedicated to creating high-quality and high-performance excavator products. Our Commitment: As part of the Hanpin Group, we always adhere to the principle of quality first and customer foremost, constantly pursue excellence, and are committed to creating greater value for our customers.

HUMMUH Excavator, as a complete excavator manufacturing company under Hampson Group, we are committed to building high quality and high performance excavator products to meet customers' various needs for construction machinery. We have advanced production equipment, professional technical team and rich experience in the industry, to provide customers with reliable solutions and quality service.


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